Are you feeling stuck in your career? Just surviving, rather than thriving…

Have you ever asked yourself what’s stopping you?

What if you could analyse your career, your performance and determination your current limitations and find solutions t overcome them.

Whether its knowledge, clinical reasoning, purpose or confidence Dr Jo our PHYSIO COACH will you find the way.

PHYSIO COACHING WITH DR JO can come in 3 formats to suit you and your best performance and career 

1: 1 COACHING is designed to ACCELERATE your career in the most efficient ways possible


What do you want from your career?

You can never really know what you want until you know who you really are. When you know what you want you can determine what stands between you and what you want. What is the performance gap? Skills, attributes, habits, connections or purely confidence.

EVOLVE or EXPLODE COURSE (COMING SOON) is our small group course to take physios that are GOOD, or even GREAT to UNSTOPPABLE. Dr Jo has over 20 years experience as a sports physiotherapist and performance coach. She has worked with the fastest people on land and water, 17 sports in total at international level.

She will challenge you to look into all aspects of your career and get really clear on YOUR WHY, WHAT YOU WANT, HOW your going to do it and WHO your going to do it or enlist on your way.